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quintessence of Tuscany

Twentyone estates.
Twentyone historical olive crus.
Twentyone extra virgin olive oils of inimitable character.
A unique terrain.
A single trademark.
Discover the world of Laudemio, the brand which is world ambassador of the great oil producing art of Tuscany.

Latest Laudemio® news

Three reasons extra virgin olive oil is a precious ally

Benefits and contraindications of saturated and unsaturated fats represent a controversial issue to research, write on and argue about, but on which there is still no a common denominator, a shared opinion. However, that’s not the case for the extra virgin olive oil, protagonist of the famou... continue

How to store and preserve the olive oil properly

In order to maintain its nutritional properties and extraordinary taste, it is important to store and preserve the olive oil properly.   It must be preserved in a sealed container and in dark, dry and cool place.   The ideal storage temperature range is between 14 ° and 18 ° degr... continue

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Stories from the world laudemio

Breaded filet of sea bass with black olives, Enoteca Pinchiorri restaurant (Tokyo)

Ingredients for 4 people: 500 grammes of filet of sea bass from which the bones have been removed and in the upper part 150 grammes of pitted black olives 200 grammes of semolina 200 grammes of peeled potatoes 2-3 shallots 50 grammes of Laudemio oil 2 sprigs of fresh thyme Basil leaves ... continue

John Pope-Hennessy: “Laudemio, the best of all the olive oils”

The late Sir John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy (London, 13th December 1913 – Florence, 31st October 1994), great art historian and one of the world’s top experts on the Italian Renaissance, was a keen connoisseur of Laudemio, as witnessed by his tasteful and scholarly note dated 1992 which we ... continue

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